Portuguese Heritage Publications of California, Inc. 

Portuguese Blog for Luso-Descendant Youth, sponsored by the Secretary of State of Portuguese Communities. 


Altavista Translation Services
Translate words and/or phrases from Portuguese to English, English to Portuguese and other languages, too!

Angra do Heroismo
Classified Zone of Angra do Heroismo, Terceira, Azores. UNESCO world heritage city. English and Portuguese language.

Azores em Rede
Explore AzoresNet! Links to Azorean government organizations, the University of Azores, public and private organizations, cultural events, media and more.

Azores: Azores Islands
Photos, poems, and a brief history of each island. Maintained by Mario da Costa

Azores Islands: Home Page
Complete guide to the Azores Islands: art, climate, economy, demographics, fauna, flora, folklore, gastronomy, immigration and genealogy and much more.

Azores: Get to Know the Azores – Ašores – Turismo Para a Mente
University of Azores webpage maintained by J.G. Meneses. Historical information and links about the Azores.

Azores: Welcome to the Azores Islands
Official site of the Tourism Board of the Azores.

Azores: Welcome to the Azores Islands tropics
General information, satellite photos, weather, and more. Maintained by Vasco Rodrigues.

Centro de Negocios
Index of businesses, industries and governments (local and regional) of the Azores, with emphasis on the island of Terceira.

City.Net – Azores
An Excite travel and tourism site. Multi-lingual travel directory.

Portal Virtual Azores
Portal Virtual Azores features news, directories, commerce, shopping, history, forums, chat, music, books, and more.

Virtual Azores Directory
News, entertainment, business and industry, government, tourism, personal directories, official organizations, society and culture, and more. Web hosting, design and internet services.

Genealogy - Portuguese Genealogy Home Page
This website was created with the Portuguese genealogist in mind. It is for anyone and everyone whose passion has become the search for their Portuguese ancestry no matter where they came from in the former Portuguese territories.


Portugal Online
Portugal homepage with information on travel, shopping, auction, sports, euro2004, information, search engine, classifieds, dating, horoscope, community, business, mail, chat.

Portugal Virtual Directory
Hundreds of accommodation resources, tourism guides, sights, activities, museums, shops, businesses, etc.

Portugal Info Travel Guide
Portugal's Holiday Guide. Travel and Search Engine to Portugal, accommodation, property, photos, search, news, weather, vehicle hire, golf, sports, etc.

Welcome to Portugal
Official site of the government agency investments, trade and tourism.

INFOCID-Portuguese Public Administration Portal
Portugal guide to municipalities and parishes, with statistics, photographs, and general information.

ICEP Portugal
Home, Portugal, companies, foreign markets, etc.

Portugal in Business
General database about Portugal in business, trade, investing, etc.

Business and investment in Portugal
A selection of Portugal's best: Finance, agriculture, forestry, food, beverage, manufacturing, transport, entertainment, consumer, service and more.

Portugal's Yellow Pages Directory
Yellow page directory of businesses, services, products, entities, brands, etc.

Portugal's National Weekend Newspaper in English
The News is Portugal's largest circulation English language newspaper.

SAPO - Portugal Online
Portugal's premium online resource guide.

Portuguese Online Directory
Alphabetical listing of websites and resources in Portugal.

IANTT-The National Archives Institute
Portugal's National Archives Institute.

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